I couldn’t stop thinking about her. From first sight I was in love, captivated. Her eyes, her lips, her voice held me. I didn’t care about skin  color. What mattered to me was how I felt. And how I felt about her when those hazel eyes fell on me was lust and longing…


Winter Love

Shannon walked through the snow headphones in unaware. She didn’t see the wolf stalking her near the edge of the forest or the woman in green sprinting her direction. All she heard was the loud crescendo of the symphony drowning her sorrows. 

She hadn’t wanted to move to this town, it was her parents idea; it was a fresh start they said. Fresh start my ass, she had yelled in anger as her house was becoming bare. 

All of a sudden she was shoved to the ground. The music stopped and she heard what the stranger was trying to save her from. The young woman had deep auburn hair like her and eyes as blue as the sea. Move and stand behind me, she said. Then she noticed the wolf. A beautiful she-wolf, black as night with grey eyes baring her teeth. What do we do? Shannon asked. 

This is her territory we need to slowly back away facing her to show her we are no threat. Once we were in the clear she berated me for my foolishness while I blushed. Luckily my brown skin hid my blush but my desire was heady. Thank you I said. You’re welcome she eyed me roughly. My name’s Shannon Bayru, what’s yours? Her eyes softened and she replied, Eska Hilt. She told me to stay out of the forest unless someone who knew the lay of the land was accompanying me. 

She then walked me back to the main road while telling me how idiotic it was to have music blaring in my ears and blocking my senses and I agreed never to do it again. Colorado wasn’t like Texas and I couldn’t act so dense. 

Eska walked Shannon to her door and gave her a sheet of paper before walking away. Only when Shannon closed the door did she realize Eska had given her her number. 


Ever since I started my business class this semester I’ve had a crush on the woman sitting next to me. All semester long I’ve had it. I just don’t know how to ask her. I don’t want to be shot down or find out she has a girlfriend. I just want her, to ask her out and for her to say yes.


What I want for everyone in the world is for people to be kind and loving to each other. Divisions in any way are only hurting the nation not making America stronger. On the subject of equality just as straights can marry and keep property of a deceased husband or wife so should gays, lesbians, and transgendered individuals share those rights. Yes president Obama made gay marriage available nation wide but people are still not on board. We still get beat and battered for loving the same sex. When will we truly be equal? All lives matter and no one deserves to die from wearing a hoodie or being abused by the police. We need to treat each other with love instead of hate. We need to see each other as the same. We need to love more and toss hatred aside. 

So last night…

ED SHEERAN. Let me just say he was so amazing and lively. The ground floor was packed and soon so hot after three hours so I had to abandon my good spot and step away for fresh air. Aside from that his entrance was sweet and so great. He started with Lego House and ended with Sing. I mean he crushed it!! He is amazing live. Side note: the openers the lovely  Christina Perri and newcomer, Jamie Lawson. A night I definitely will not forget! 


Every day is a gift to experience something you haven’t before. Whether that’s bungee jumping, sky diving, climbing a mountain, taking a new class, starting a new job, or meeting a lifelong friend. I choose to think optimistically about the hurdles life throws my way. Even though it’s hard I try to always wear a smile and say hello to everyone I pass. You never know who is having a shitty day and what the person next to you is feeling inside. Positivity begins by individual thought processes and I can’t wait to see what this semester brings!


Constantly, I’m figuring out that if one has a positive additude and a bright smile everything will eventually work out. That doesn’t mean stop searching for what makes you happy. This equates to working on bettering yourself, sucking it up, and going to work to make ends meet. The thing with expanding is it never stops but constantly continues in an ever rotating circle. 

So that is what I am going to do. Keep my head up, wipe the tears, and try to move forward, even though it can be so hard sometimes.